Data Dive: Home is where the videos are viewed

IPG Mediabrands dives into the video-viewing habits of millennials through data from the first TouchPoints study.

Do we need another phrase for a new generation of couch potatoes? Regardless of the type of video millennials are viewing, it appears the majority of the time spent watching is at home.

That’s according to data from the inaugural Canadian Ipsos’ TouchPoints study, which IPG Mediabrands dug into for this month’s Data Dive.

Millennials do 97% of their regular TV viewing and 95% of their digital video watching at home. The majority (3%) of the other digital video viewing is done at work, with 2% at other OOH locations.

While you can’t say VR five times fast without reading a story about the decline of TV, the TouchPoints stats say that live TV accounts for the majority of video viewing (75%). YouTube comes in second at 53% and Netflix in third with 42% of video viewing per week for the demo.

No matter the video source, viewing across all options peaks in the evening, with the biggest change unsurprisingly coming for TV viewing during the primetime hours.


Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock