Bell Media rolls out new digital ad products

The media co has introduced new retargeting and audience extension products online.

Bell Media has introduced two new products to its online slate.

The media co has added Advanced Audiences, its first proprietary behavioural targeting product, as well as Audience Extension, which allows clients to retarget visitors within the Bell Media network.

The Advanced Audiences product allows clients to target English or French audience segments, like “foodies” or “adventure travelers,” or work with the media co to create their own custom profiles. The product can be used on its own, or in conjunction with third party segments, according to a release on the launches. Kristie Painting, VP, digital sales, Bell Media, said the product can be used for direct or programmatic buying with the company.

Bell Media’s new Audience Extension product provides the possibility for clients to retarget specific audiences that view certain parts of the media co’s sites. For instance, said Painting, a client looking to reach viewers of The Amazing Race Canada, could retarget viewers when they are on other sites within the Bell Media network, such as TSN.

Painting noted the Audience Extension tool can be used for display or video ads, noting it gives clients that are interested in buying around an asset that has sold out an alternative option.

“If brands want to target people around premium video then we can retarget them even if the inventory has sold out,” she said.

The media co developed the products in-house with Krux.

Image: Shutterstock