Radioplayer Canada offers a new way to tune in

Private radio broadcasters and the CBC/Radio-Canada have partnered on the new radio app.

Canadian radio broadcasters have a new way to reach listeners with the launch of Radioplayer Canada, the local version of U.K.-based Radioplayer Worldwide.

The free streaming app includes more than 400 private and public radio stations from across the Canada, including those operated by CBC/Radio-Canada, Rogers Media, Corus Entertainment and Newcap Radio.

A campaign promoting the app to radio listeners went live yesterday on each of the stations available on the platform. Julie Adam, SVP of Rogers Radio and spokesperson for the Radioplayer Canada consortium, said a TV and OOH push is planned for the coming months. Ron MacLean is the host of the radio spots, capitalizing on the long-time hockey announcer’s link to all things Canadian.

As of the launch, the ad options on Radioplayer Canada are limited to the spots carried over from the live and catch-up radio broadcasts. However, that could expand to include digital non-radio options as well in the coming months, said Adam.

Broadcasters were first presented with the idea to launch Radioplayer in the country about five years ago, said Adam. As streaming habits have increased, industry participants made the decision to bring the app to market last summer.

Radioplayer U.K. now attracts an audience of seven million unique users a month, according to a release.

The latest MTM numbers show 67% of Anglophone Canadians listen to online audio streaming. Gen Z listens to the most, clocking in at 12.8 hours a week. Gen X lag them at 6.4 hours of online audio streaming a week. Younger boomers (aged 50 to 58) listen to 5.9 hours of audio streaming a week, while older boomers (56 to 69) listen to 4.1 hours.

Radioplayer Canada is available as a free download on iOS and Android, as well as on desktop.



Image: Shutterstock