Virgin Mobile buys the top: Media Monitors

The mobile phone company purchased the most radio ad time in Toronto for the week of June 12 to 18.

Virgin Mobile is on top of the radio buying chart in Toronto for another week, buying the most advertising for the week of June 12 to 18.

The Ford Dealer Association gained one spot to land at #2, but the rest of the top five was made up of new entries. Pizza Pizza joined at #4, Honda Civic at #4 and the Mazda Dealer Association at #5.

BMW 3 Series was also new to the Toronto chart, joining at #10 for the week.

The story was similar in Montreal, but it was Bell Mobility holding steady in the top spot.

Dormez-vous entered the list at #2, while Électroménagers Longueuil moved up to #3 from #25.

CTV lost a couple spots, moving to #4 from last week’s #2 post. Brault & Martineau gained ten, moving to #5 from #15. Mitsubishi Outlier entered the list at #8, the Mazda Dealer Association at #9 and Pharmaprix at #10, rounding out the bottom of the top ten in the city.


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