Multi-screen campaigns still rising: report

Videology's latest at-a-glace study also shows view-through-rate continues to slide as a priority.

It may come as no surprise, but more Canadian marketers are pushing their campaigns across multiple screens, according to the latest Canadian Video Market At-A-Glance report from Videology.

Videology’s data is measured from users of its platform, accounting for approximately 143 million impressions between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2017.

The recent report showed that the proportion of campaigns appearing across multiple screens and devices increased to 87%, up front 68% from the previously measured quarter.

Viewability a rising priority, click-through lags: report

In terms of their screen objectives, advertisers on the platform seem to be continuing a shift away from view-through-rate (VTR). Approximately 66% of campaigns listed VTR as an objective in Q4, down notably from 88% in Q3. Interestingly during that time, viewability – which is typically the second-most-cited campaign objective and saw a rise in importance in Videology’s last report – also declined to 10% from 17%.

Videology’s report did not specify what alternative objectives marketers listed.

It did note, however, that of those advertisers listing their viewability criteria, the vast majority – 86% – were using custom standards instead of the MRC standard (50% of all video pixels on screen for at least two seconds consecutively).