13% of Canadians still pirate content (study)

The latest report from the Media Technology Monitor analyzes data from 4,000 Canadians, revealing how Netflix and smart speakers are gaining traction nation-wide.

One in eight Canadians have pirated TV content in the past month, according to new data from the Media Technology Monitor (MTM).

The spring 2018 Sneak Peek Report offers a glimpse at technology use and ownership trends among Canadians.

The latest report was compiled using telephone interviews with 4,000 Canadians (2,000 Anglophones and 2,000 Francophones) 18 years and older, 1,590 of whom completed a follow-up questionnaire online. The interviews were conducted between March and May, 2018.

According to the report, 13% of Canadians (18 years and older) have watched pirated TV or movie content online in the past month, an act that is twice as likely among those without cable or satellite subscriptions.

Of Canadians who do pay for their TV services, 10% of those viewers were still found to pirate content in the past month, however.

In the Francophone market, English-language TV is reportedly consumed by three in five or 59% on a regular basis, with 53% reportedly tuning in on a weekly basis.

The trend seems to correspond with the growing popularity of the streaming platform, Netflix. According to the report, 80% of Francophone Netflix subscribers watch English-language content on the platform. Subscribers are also 36% more likely to say they watch content in English.

While the report reveals that one in 10 Canadians now own smart speakers, the same number (10%) said they are among the last to purchase new technology.

The adoption of new tech tended to align with household income. Of the 10% of Canadians who considered themselves to be early adopters, 22% had a household income of $200,000 and higher.  Meanwhile, those with household incomes of $35,000 and under made up 5% of early adopters.

Released bi-annually, MTM also conducts a fall report using data from telephone interviews with twice as many Canadians – 4,000 Anglophone and 4,000 Francophone adults.