Younger audiences pay more attention to video ads: study

But the bad news is, advertisers still only have a maximum of 20 seconds to reach the bulk of their audience.

You have 10 seconds to reach your target. After that, it’s all over.

That may seem directly lifted from an action-packed spy movie, but for many digital advertisers, it’s reality.┬áThat’s according to a new study by RevJet, which recently issued its first-ever Ad Experience Sentiment report.

The adtech firm surveyed more than 1,000 North American internet users of all age groups to determine what people are thinking when they encounter video advertising, and what motivates them to skip it.

The bad news is, most people will skip video ads – when surveyed, 97% of respondents said they would skip ads if or when given the opportunity. When skipping video ads is not an option, advertisers have 10 seconds to capture the attention of viewers. Half or respondents said they stop paying attention to the ads within 10 seconds. A total of 75% said they will have stopped paying attention by the 20-second mark.

However, the report debunks any myths that millennials are intolerant of ads. Respondents in the millennial and younger Gen X demographic (44 and under) are less likely to skip ads, while people 45 and older are four times more likely to skip a video ad than those 44 and younger.

For those who don’t skip, younger people also pay more attention to the ads. According to RevJet, people aged 44 and under are nearly three times more likely to pay attention to online advertising than those 45 and older. They’re also twice as likely to pay attention to Facebook ads in particular.

This age group is crucial, says RevJet, as those under 44 years of age are 80% more likely to purchase items online with their mobile devices.