Netflix has a hold on French Canada; Comedy rules for podcasts

The Media Technology Monitor's latest report offers a glimpse into how Canadians are engaging with the newest kinds of media.

How many streamers are too many streamers? Despite the seemingly endless choice of OTT streamers now available, one in six Canadians aged 18-plus still show interest in subscribing to Disney+ (particularly those with children under the age of seven). Meanwhile, one in 10 show interest in subscribing to Apple TV+.

In its annual Sneak Peek report, Media Technology Monitor set out to gauge the country’s top media activities. Narrowing it down to a top-five, the report’s findings also painted a picture of what might be yet to come. One of the biggest focuses was streamers – and despite rising competition, Netflix remains the pre-eminent streamer.

And, although some have said its French-language content offerings could stand to improve, Netflix has been identified as a leader in the French market. Some 30% of Francophone subscribers watch content in both French and English and 24% watch only French-language content.

Co-viewing is also a common activity as 41% of Canadian TV viewers said they watch a specific show or series with someone else who would be annoyed if they watched solo and skipped ahead. Drama (60%) and comedy (52%) are the most popular genres for those who sit down and tune in with another.

And, podcasting continues to grow among Canadians; over the course of one year listenership increased to 26%, up five percentage points from last year. Comedy is the favourite here too as one in seven listeners prefer to listen to the kind of podcast that leaves them laughing.

Homes are also becoming smarter. One in 10 Canadians owns a smart device to automate everything from the temperature to their lights and outlets, with one in 10 Canadians owning a smart home device. Of those who own devices, the most popular also happened to be

Media Technology Monitor surveyed 8,027 Canadians during the fall of 2019 to find out what the most popular media activities and technologies are.