Finance, government go big on radio

Most of the categories in Toronto invested more in radio, but Montreal saw mixed results.

The Government of Ontario has continued its trend of putting plenty of its COVID-19 advertising budget into radio. For the second week in a row, the government has purchased more than 2,500 radio ads in the Toronto area. That’s according to the Media Monitors report for the week ended April 12.

In a distant second – but still with an expansive buy for radio – is Canadian Blood Services, with 811 ads in the market. Canadian Blood Services has made public its concerns about a blood shortage since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and has turned to paid media in an effort to improve its situation.

Also spending big was the City of Toronto in third place with 778 ads, almost nose-to-nose with CIBC at 774 ads. Rounding out the top five was the Government of Canada with 765 radio ads.

Collectively, governments and unions purchased more than 4,200 ads in the Toronto market, even more than its collective category buy the previous week (3,613). It was the highest-spending category in the market, way out in front of second-place category public services, which had 2,842 spots. Other categories growing in radio included television and cable TV, diagnostic and medical services, business and consumer services, insurance providers, trade associations, legal resources and food and beverage retailers.

In the Montreal market, the Government of Quebec also increased its buy slightly, purchasing 830 ads. CTV held its second-place spot as well, with a slight increase in its buy for a total of 480 spots. Electrika also remained in third place.

Rising up the charts was the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada in fourth, and Diabetes Canada in fifth.

Governments and unions were again the top advertising category in Montreal, growing by about 30 spots (1,051 total). Other categories growing in the market included public service, television and cable TV, the finance category and discount buying services. However, insurance providers, wireless and internet services, restaurants and nightclubs, fuel suppliers and moving and storage companies reduced their buying.

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