Toyota and Shoppers top the Media Monitors radio charts

There were bigger radio buys in Toronto, with the top-seven advertisers each purchasing more than 1,000 ads.

The weather may be cooling, but fall radio buying is still heating up, with auto brands revving up in Toronto and finance advertisers getting more active in both Toronto and Montreal.

In Toronto, the Toyota Dealers Association drove into first place with more than 1,500 ads. While it knocked last week’s top buyer, meal kit Goodfood, into second place, the brand still purchased an almost-equal amount of ads compared to the previous week. Scotiabank made a big leap up to third place with 1,117 ads, and Shoppers Drug Mart and Speedy Auto Glass rounded out the top-five.

Last week the top four Toronto advertisers purchased more than 1,000 ads each, while the week prior only the top buyer purchased more than 1,000 ads. This week, the top-seven in the city all purchased more than 1,000 ads each.

For categories, auto dealer associations exploded with an increase of more than 1,000 ads, pulling the total buy to nearly 5,000. Finance came in second with just under 3,700, also a notable increase. Other moderate to major increases were seen in food and beverage retailers and local auto dealers. Business and consumer services, local factory auto, insurance providers and auto parts and towing either posted small increases or very minimal decreases. The only noteworthy decrease was QSRs, which fell more than 25% to 1,518.

Montreal had some notable movement as well; Shoppers Drug Mart upped its buy by more than 30% to rise to the top spot with 446 ads. Bell Canada also increased its buy to 380 ads. Mazda fell one spot to become the third-highest buyer, but its buy remained steady at 347 ads.

Fourth-place buyer Dormez-vous posted a noteworthy increase to 320 ads, while furniture retailer Brault & Martineau once again rounded out the top-five.

For categories, Asian factory auto topped Montreal, although its total buy decreased to 899. And, government and unions continued to steadily decrease, down to 642 total ads. However, finance saw a significant increase to 636, up from 470. Business and consumer services, pharmacy, television and cable TV and insurance providers also all saw increases, while the decreases for local auto dealers and wireless internet services were small to negligible. However, unlike in Toronto, auto dealer associations posted a noteworthy drop in their buys, with 472 total (down from 605).

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