Call for entries: Innovators in Canadian media

The New Establishment: Innovator program kicks off today, setting its sights on professionals on the cutting edge.

Media In Canada and its sister publication Strategy have issued a call for entries for the 2020 the New Establishment program. And this time, we’re looking at Innovators.

The initiative recognizes media and marketing professionals who are rising through the ranks and making their mark at their respective companies. The program exists to celebrate pioneers in the industry at the junior and mid-level, but it is not bound to an upper age limit.

The submission deadline for the Innovator category is Dec. 18.

Entrants in this category can come from any side of the business. That means we’ll look at entries from media companies and agencies, creative agencies, brands, vendors, tech partners and more.

While we’re looking for entrants from diverse professional backgrounds, one thing’s for sure: we want nominees who are exceptional. And we don’t just mean they work hard, are nice people, sit on committees at work or volunteer in their spare time.

We’re talking about people who go beyond the expectations set out in their job description. We want people who have created new solutions to issues either in-house or industry-wide. We’re looking for employees who have taken their own initiative to build new things from the ground up, have had the courage to buck the status quo and have tried things differently — with big results.

You can nominate co-workers, bosses, employees, rivals or even yourself. Our editorial team will review all of the applications to determine who piques our interest enough to continue researching. Once we’ve narrowed it down, we’ll be contacting co-workers, managers, clients and partners to get a better sense of how the nominee stands out.

For more details and to submit someone for the The New Establishment: Innovator award, click here.

The winner will be announced at the AToMiC Awards, which will take place in April 2021.