Goodfood does a big push in Toronto: Media Monitors

Auto dealers once again bought the most radio ads in Toronto, however, while the government continues to snap up spots in Montreal.

Auto dealers are once again the biggest radio advertisers in Toronto, but a brand looking to make cooking a little easier for people staying home was most active on the airwaves, according to Media Monitors’ latest reporting.

For the week of Dec. 28 to Jan. 3, meal kit brand Goodfood made a big push to reach Torontonians amidst a lockdown, debuting on this week’s rankings in the city’s top spot. It was followed by Canadian Blood Services, which rose from 17th in the midst of a push for blood donations. The Government of Ontario increased its efforts to encourage people to stay home to take the third spot.

Despite the dealer associations for Ford and Subaru being the only ones in the top 10, auto dealers managed to retake the top spot in the city by business category, buying just over 2,400 ads last week. Public service and advocacy groups held on to the number two spot in Toronto despite a slight dip in the amount of ads bought, while Goodfood’s buy shot food and beverage retailers up to third on the ranking, just ahead of government organizations. Wireless carriers, which had the top spot last week, fell to sixth on the list after cutting the amount of ads they bought by more than half.

Meanwhile, it has been more of the same in Montreal, as the Government of Quebec continued its long-held streak as the top radio advertiser in the city by buying nearly 800 more spots than CTV. It was followed closely by Bell Mobility, retail discount site Shopico, Accent Insurance and furniture retailer Brault & Martineau.

The leading categories in Montreal largely aligned with the top advertisers, with government/union ads ahead of TV and wireless.

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