Captivate expands programmatic reach with Broadsign

The location-based DOOH network aims to get more exposure to buyers unfamiliar with the platform.

Location-based digital out-of-home network Captivate has partnered with Broadsign to expand programmatic access to the network’s residential and commercial signage.

More than 1,800 of Captivate’s elevator and large format displays in Canada have been onboarded so far to Broadsign Reach, the company’s SSP, making them available to over 30 DSPs that are integrated with Reach.

In total, Captivate has more than 11,000 screens installed in elevators and lobbies, which the company says draws 100 million monthly impressions.┬áCaptivate’s U.S. inventory will be onboarded to Reach in the near future.

Programmatic out-of-home has been pegged as a major growth opportunity, both within the industry as a whole and at Captivate specifically. But Barb Huggett, GM of Captivate Canada, says the biggest challenge moving forward is ensuring media buyers and advertisers are aware of the traffic Captivate has access to, and making sure the organization focuses on versatility and expanding its digital presence going forward.

Broadsign’s network not only contains DOOH specialty DSPs, but more general and omnichannel ones as well. Hugget says the hope is that it will increase exposure for Captivate’s network among digital media buyers that might not have previously considered DOOH as part of their more omnichannel programmatic approaches.

Last month, Captivate partnered with MiQ on a new targeting solution for DOOH media purchased traditionally and programmatically.

Captivate had previously been working with Campsite, a DOOH ad buying platform focused on accessibility to brands and agencies of all sizes, which Broadsign acquired in 2019. Campsite will no longer be available on its own, so building on the partnership with the addition of Reach “was a natural progression,” Huggett adds.