Kijiji partners with Infosum for privacy-first data sharing

The cookieless collaboration helps brands and advertisers more effectively target Canadian shoppers on Kijiji and Kijiji Autos.
Kijiji-Kijiji and Kijiji Autos partners with InfoSum to enable c

In an effort to solve for cookieless tracking and attribution, Kijiji has partnered with Infosum to facilitate contextual and audience targeting through secure, first-party data collaboration.

Kijiji’s online marketplace collects data from 256 million monthly searches across 400 categories, including buy and sell, real estate, jobs and services, cars and trucks and non-passenger vehicles, but providing brands with those insights in a privacy-first fashion hasn’t been possible to date. Infosum’s identity infrastructure enables advertisers to collaborate across first-party data to build custom audiences, develop actionable consumer insights and inform omni-channel campaigns while protecting consumer privacy and the data integrity of each party.

Chris Quinn, head of display advertising at Kijiji Canada, said in a statement that the partnership will create a “clean room” for Kijiji that will enable user list matching against up to five million active logged-in shoppers.

The Kijiji classifieds platform reportedly connects over 14 million buyers and sellers each month. At any given time, there are 5 million listings on the network and two new ads are posted on Kijiji every second of every day. The Kijiji Autos properties marketplace has over 4 million monthly unique visitors.