How to reach techies and fashionistas this holiday

Vividata's latest SCC Metrica Fusion Database provides an in-depth look at online behaviour of two major interest-based groups.

Vividata has released some holiday-themed highlights from its Fall 2021 SCC Metrica Fusion Database, offering brands a closer look at where to best reach the fashion- and tech-obsessed during a busy shopping season.

The report says “Techies” are projected to represent 3,800,000 Canadians 18-plus (12% of the population) and agree with the statements: “I love to buy new gadgets and appliances” and “It is important my household is equipped with the latest technology.” Outside of their obvious love of tech, they’re also avid video streamers, with three in five visiting video streaming websites and apps 11 or more times in an average month.

“Techies” are more likely to be men – 64% male compared to 36% female – are 50% more likely than the average Canadian to be between the ages of 25 and 45 and are 49% more likely to have children under 12. Nearly one in three identify as Black, Indigenous, or People of Colour (BIPOC). Those that identify as Black (21%), Chinese (18%), or South Asian (18%) make up nearly 56% of BIPOC Techies.

With 153,000 visits in an average month, PCMag is the site “Techies” visit most, followed by Tom’s Guide (135,000), and TechRadar (122,000). They are also 91% more likely than the average Canadian to visit TechCrunch in an average month, 80% more likely to visit Tom’s Hardware, and 74% more likely to visit TechRepublic. As for gift ideas, “Techies” are 52% more likely to own a Smart Home Controller than the average Canadian, but only 8% currently own one. They are also 44% more likely to own an AR/VR Headset than the average Canadian, but only 10% currently own one.

Vividata found that for brands looking to target fashionistas, members of this group, predictably, agree with the statements “I like to keep up with the latest fashions,” but also “I spend a lot of money on toiletries and cosmetics for personal use.” They are projected to represent 2,416,000 Canadians over the age of 18, or 7% of the population. They’re on social media a lot, with 30% of “Fashion Enthusiasts” using the Facebook app and 14% on Instagram 20 or more times in an average month. They’re also 60% more likely than the average Canadian to use the Snapchat app in an average month, 37% more likely to use Pinterest, and 19% more likely to use TikTok.

“Fashion Enthusiasts” are more likely to be women – 63% female compared to 37% male – are 15% more likely than the average Canadian to identify as LGBTQ+, and be under the age of 35. More than one-third of “Fashion Enthusiasts” (35%) identify as BIPOC, 49% more likely than the average Canadian.

The top three fashion info sites/blogs visited by “Fashion Enthusiasts” are Cosmopolitan (78,000 unique visits a month), Byrdie (35,000 unique visits), and Influenster (25,000 unique visits). The top five fashion/beauty-focused online shopping properties “Fashion Enthusiasts” browse in an average month are Etsy at 426,000 unique visits in a month, followed by Shoppers Drug Mart (326,000), The Bay (290,000), Gap (197,000), and Sephora (156,000). They are also 2.4 times more likely than the average Canadian to visit Old Navy in an average month, two times more likely to visit Zara’s website or use the Zara app, and also 1.9 times more likely to visit Aritizia’s website.