IAS adds new attention metrics to IAS Signal

Attention Metrics Reports are now available through the IAS Signal Report Builder.

Integral Ad Science (IAS) has enhanced its unified reporting platform, IAS Signal, with the addition of attention metrics. As the digital advertising industry re-orients campaign measurement around shifts in consumer behaviour and a cookieless future, the availability of attention metrics reporting enables advertisers to evaluate their performance beyond core verification with a variety of available open web video metrics.

The enhancements provide advertisers with a unified view of global campaigns and gives them the flexibility to evaluate campaign performance and drive business outcomes that are aligned with their KPIs. Unified View enables clients to slice and dice their data by dimensions such as regions, lines of business, campaign types, and other quality metrics.

In addition, IAS has augmented its Report Builder to include IAS’s time-in-view insights as well as several new open web video metrics so advertisers can evaluate performance beyond core verification. There is now an option for clients to pull an Attention Metrics Report which highlights metrics that are commonly associated with attention including average time-in-view, time-in-view distribution, pause/unpause, and volume up/down/mute.

IAS is a New York-based global tech company that analyzes the value of digital ad placements to ensure ads are viewable by real people in safe, suitable environments, activating contextual targeting and driving supply path optimization.