Spelling Night in Canada returns

The one-hour event airs this Sunday on the CBC with an interactive play-at-home game for viewers.
Spelling Night in Canada - Canspell

This Sunday Spelling Night in Canada returns to the CBC, airing the Postmedia Canspell 2012 competition. The one-hour show features 21 finalists from grade four to grade eight all vying for the top spot.

Viewers at home can find out if they can spell better than the students by logging onto Twitter and replying to @SpellingNight with the correct spelling of the word (don’t cheat and Google the words). The viewer who responds with the most correctly spelled words will win a prize, according to a press release.

Users can also warm up their spelling skills by logging onto the Facebook Spelling Game and challenge friends to see who can correctly spell the most words of the over 1,000 that will be used in Sunday night’s broadcast.

The winning grade-school speller will win a a $7,500 education award, courtesy of Egg Farmers of Canada. The show is hosted by Brent Bambury of CBC Radio and Jim Hughson of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada. Colour commentary will be added by Paul Loeffler of Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Spelling Night in Canada airs at 7 p.m. on CBC.