Rogers’ plans for The Score

Scott Moore tells MiC about the channel's upcoming rebranding and expanded client options under The Score's new management.
Scott Moore01

Rogers Media officially expanded its roster of sports holdings on Tuesday with the CRTC approving its purchase of The Score Television Network. The deal was worth $171 million, leading to a $17.1 million tangible benefits package.

Part of Rogers Media’s CRTC approval included the condition that the media co can now break into live sports every hour for breaking news, rather than its previous license that made the company need to cut out of regular programming for news breaks every 15 minutes.

Scott Moore, president of broadcast, Rogers Media says the company doesn’t plan to make a significant change in that area though, adding it plans to position The Score as the brand’s home for breaking news. The Score will be renamed to “Sportsnet…something” on or around the first of July, with the new name likely being announced in June, he says.

Some changes were made to the lineup on The Score within hours of Rogers getting CRTC approval, including the launch of Hockey Central Playoff Extra, which debuted at 5 p.m. yesterday and lead into Sportsnet Connected on Sportsnet. Also Tim and Sid, which airs on Sportsnet 590 The Fan, will be aired on The Score in simulcast from 1 to 4 p.m. weekdays. Additional programming details will be announced in the coming weeks, according to a Rogers Media release.

Moore says clients will be able to buy new packages incorporating The Score, citing the brand’s Gillette Drafted as an existing example of branded content that it wants to expand.

“We are expanding Gillette Drafted so some of the overall packaging will run across other Sportsnet services,” he says. “We want to be able to do things like have Blue Jays sponsors buy into the post-game show on The Score.”