Rogers postpones 2014 Buffalo Bills game in Toronto


Rogers Media has announced it is pushing the next game in its Toronto series back one year to “deliver a better fan experience.”

The media co signed a deal in the fall to continue bringing the Buffalo Bills to Toronto each year until 2017, with the most recent game running on Sunday Dec. 1 of last year.

Greg Albrecht, executive director of live content, Rogers Media, tells MiC that despite tinkering with the format over the past couple years, the media co isn’t happy with where it’s at and wants to take a year off to reevaluate the Buffalo Bills experience it is bringing to Toronto.

In addition to announcing it is moving back the next game in its series with the Bills, Rogers also announced it is building a Canada House near Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo that will serve as the official tailgate zone for Canadians at all home games.

Albrecht says that rate cards and details for sponsorship deals around the house will be available within the next month. He adds the house will be built and ready for fans to enjoy by the start of the next Bills season.

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  • Johnny B. Good

    They are not happy where its at? No kidding! The first year…1st time, great. 2nd year…back for more, so ok. After that, nothing but a novelty and non sell-outs. I feel very sorry for Ted Rogers, one of the greatest entreprenours Canada has seen. He got talked into blowing $80 million for this debacle (not to mention the Blue Jays…when he admitted he didn’t understand the game). The Bills laughed all the way to the bank! Too bad “little Teddy” is anything but a chip off the ole block.