Spotted! The Body Shop’s whimsical take on a yogurt stand

Vegan yogurt and vegan "body yogurt" were part of this activation to drive home the brand's anti-animal testing positioning.
Body Shop Swing

You might think it’s old-fashioned to pop by a yogurt stand for a summer treat – but the Body Shop recently opened the doors to a pop-up yogurt shop with a modern twist.

On June 2 and 3, the beauty chain played host to a colourful yogurt shop in Toronto’s fashionable Queen West neighbourhood. The shop promoted two key things: The Body Shop’s “Forever Against Animal Testing” brand platform and its new line of almond-based Body Yogurt lotions. Besides getting to test the new lotions, visitors were invited to sign the Body Shop’s anti-animal testing petition while also grabbing some vegan yogurt treats.

Jayme Jenkins, VP of marketing and corporate responsibility with the Body Shop, said that although the campaign falls into the Body Shop’s longstanding message of opposing animal testing and promoting quality products, it is a slight pivot in terms of style and execution.

The style, said Jenkins, is inspired by the “Instagram playground” trend – Candyland and ice-cream themes that are full of colour, whimsy and a forever-young attitude.  The space was designed to create an “Instagrammable” experience and featured a large swing surrounded by flowers (pictured, with local pup influencer Logan Unleashed seated) and a large decorative bathtub. The Body Shop teamed up with PR agency Rock-It Promotions on the experiential activation and on promotion.

The activation and the product launch targets a younger customer than the Body Shop’s typical cohort.

“We’re aiming for someone who doesn’t respond to traditional media in the same way [that older audiences do], and also someone who has a busy lifestyle,” Jenkins said. “People like this tend to respond to a more sensory, experiential space.”

The activation is also supported by some paid social, managed through Rock-It Promotions.