Quebec says more cheese, please!

The first phase of a Cossette campaign includes magazine advertorial and 15-second teaser spots to underscore the role that cheese plays in Quebecers' everyday lives.

The Federation of Milk Producers of Québec (FMPQ) wants Quebecers to know: cheese plays an important role in your everyday lives.

More importantly, they’re committing to a long-term, comprehensive multimedia campaign called ‘Our Cheeses/Fromages d’ici’ – created and executed by Cossette, the FMPQ’s agency of record since 2005 – to emphasize that function.

Targeting the 25-to-54 demographic, the blitz, which launched March 8 and continues until mid-April, includes three 30-second TV spots – two in French and one in English – that showcase cheese as the chosen comfort food to celebrate weddings, buying one’s first home or just simply kicking back to enjoy the weekend.

‘People have cheeses around for different important occasions in their lives,’ Nicole Dubé, FMPQ marketing director, tells MiC. ‘There are a lot of life stories and occasions that are celebrated, and that’s what we wanted to promote.’

In addition to the spots, 15-second teasers will be strategically added to such popular Astral TV programs as La bosses des noces; Ma maison…signée Manon LeBlanc; Passion Maison, Quand passé la cigogne; Airoldi pour une sortie and Décore ta vie.

The print campaign will include illustrated stories, testimonials, advertorials and recipes, with ads placed in consumer magazines Châtelaine, Coupe de pouce, L’actualité, MOI & CIE, Ricardo and Vivre à la champagne. Two Montreal dailies will also benefit, with ad placements in Métro and the Saturday-run Actuel gourmand section of La Presse.

The TV spots will also air exclusively on Astral TV during May, and Dubé says the campaign will return in September with an extended media push and a new spot to be added as well.

Dubé says she is excited about the potential results, reporting that a substantial 4% sales spike at the conclusion of a Christmas campaign contributed to extending the FMPQ’s advertising efforts into 2010, where she hopes that the ‘Our Cheeses/Fromages d’ici’ push will result in an overall sales increase of 5%.

All elements will contain a pointer to the official website,, and in English, which emphasizes recipes. Dubé says they’re also working on a mobile website to be launched some time in the summer.