Booster Juice takes a swing with Jose Bautista

MiC caught up with the Booster Juice president and the home run king himself to talk about his first Canadian endorsement deal.

While Jose Bautista sets records hitting home runs for the Blue Jays, Booster Juice looks to gain a few more fans with the baseball player as the face of the brand.

A partnership between Bautista and the juice and smoothie bar was announced in Toronto yesterday and was described by Dale Wishewan, CEO of Booster Juice, as a key partnership that would help the company continue to portray health and wellness to Canadians.

“He epitomizes who we are as a company,” Wishewan says. “It’s a momentous event for us to have someone of his marquee caliber.”

Bautista expressed his taste for fresh juice and said that the partnership was a natural fit for him, being from the Dominican Republic where tropical fruits are a plenty.

The endorsement deal includes 15- and 30-second TV spots with creative by Seattle-based Jasonryan Creative, which will air throughout the year, as well as a national outdoor campaign in August with creative done internally. Additionally, there will be in-store activity with Bautista cutouts and ads running on digital screens at 265 Booster Juice locations across the country.

MiC was given the chance to speak with both the baseball player and CEO of the brand to gain more insight into the partnership.