CBC/Radio-Canada integrates digital sales teams

Starting in April, clients will have one point of contact for dual-language digital campaigns with the pubcaster.

Agency clients west of Quebec planning and buying dual-language campaigns with CBC/Radio-Canada will have one contact instead of two starting in April.

Previously clients would have one contact for English aspects of the campaign, and one for French. The changes were made to make the pubcaster’s digital side easier to work with, Michka Mancini, director of sales, digital media, CBC, tells MiC.

“We have been looking at the structure over the past year and how to best optimize it, and our agency partners wanted a single point of contact,” she says. “In such a fragmented market we want to be easier to do business with.”

Clients working with other platforms of the CBC, such as TV, still have two points of contact, one for English and one for French, she says.