McDonald’s Canada unites strangers

The QSR has launched a TV campaign starring real people, which hopes to take "I'm lovin' it" to the next level.

Matt Litzinger and David Daga, co-chief creative officers at McDonald’s Canada’s AOR, Cossette, tells MiC the idea for the QSR’s latest Canadian TV ad came from the desire to add some validity to the tagline “I’m lovin’ it.”

The result is a commercial with media by OMD which features people approaching strangers and asking where the nearest McDonald’s is.

“We happened upon the insight that McDonald’s is located around the world, and it is actually interesting that if you’re in a strange country and you walk up to someone the first thing the person does is back up…but when someone says ‘McDonald’s’ there is this affinity to the brand, there is a disarming that occurs,” says Litzinger.

The ad is running on major TV events throughout the summer, including the recent NHL Stanley Cup Finals, UEFA Euro Cup and the 2012 London Olympic Games, says Daga.

“The platform and what is being said about the brand in the spot isn’t all that different, but it is the first time we have done an ad without actors or a set,” says Litzinger.