Bell Media launches with Toyota Canada for Refined

The branded content series will be broadcast on the Discovery Canada website.

Bell Media and Toyota Canada have partnered to launch a branded content series called Refined, which will live on the website for Discovery Canada. The series goes cross-country on a man’s search for sophisticated luxury, for example the first episode sees the host, Patrick McMurray (owner of Toronto restaurants Starfish and Ceili Cottage) getting a traditional straight razor shave from Toronto-based Mankind and talking to the owner of the business.

The 12-episode series came together following the team at Bell Media talking with Toyota Canada about its plans to relaunch its Avalon, Nancy McConnell, VP of digital sales, Bell Media, tells MiC.

“We have had other series of branded content in the past couple years, but this is a very extensive partnership,” she says. “Each episode is about five minutes long and the host, Patrick, has a pretty public profile and strong social media following.”

A new episode of the series will go live each Monday, with each one featuring co-branded opening graphics, product integration and two Toyota pre-rolls that are exclusive to the microsite. The series will be promoted through display banners across Bell Media’s digital properties.