JFL42 adds sponsors for year two

Netflix, Holiday Inn Express and Natrel have all signed on as the festival heads into its sophomore year in Toronto, with additional spots still available.

Just for Laughs is heading into its second year of the JFL42 festival in Toronto, happening this Sept. 19 to 28, with three new sponsors signed on to help present the 42 things happening over the course of the 10 days.

Robbie Praw, director of programming, JFL42, tells MiC that Netflix, Holiday Inn Express and Natrel have all signed on as new sponsors this year for the festival, which generally targets adults between 18 to 35. Netflix, which is activating through sponsoring bigger rooms as well as giving prizes to people who have the service downloaded on their phones during the festival actually reached out to JFL42 to become involved. Natrel will be sponsoring some of the smaller comedy rooms during the festival, with Holiday Inn Express activating through social media contests and prizes.

Praw adds talks are underway with other brands who have yet to sign on as official sponsors, with additional spots still available, such as around the JFL42 app.

The app has festival-goers interacting with it throughout the festival, because ticket holders can get credits back on their pass for other shows when they check into venues for acts they have tickets for through the app.