BrightRoll partners with Moat

The programmatic video advertising platform adds IAB-standard viewability measurement to its console.

BrightRoll has partnered with Moat to integrate the firm’s viewability measurement solution into its programmatic video advertising platform.

The partnership is BrightRoll’s first with a third-party measurement partner to be integrated into its planning, targeting, optimization and reporting tools. BrightRoll will be making third-party measurements that adhere to IAB and MRC’s video viewability guidelines available to clients at no extra cost.

Tim Avila, SVP marketing operations, BrightRoll, tells MiC via email, “The bottom line is that advertising that is not seen cannot make an impression. The ability to purchase digital advertising on viewable impressions, and to accurately measure viewability, is a crucial step in providing advertisers with the information they need to increase their investment in digital advertising.”

Avila points to a recent comScore report that shows average in-view rates for display and video campaigns is about 46%.

In August, Moat partnered with the Globe and Mail, its first Canadian publisher partner, to provide analytics for the news outlet.

Image via Shutterstock.