The Amazing Race Canada goes international

How the show fared in its first trip outside of Canada this week, and final data for the show's second season premiere.

The Amazing Race Canada went international this week, with racers in the second season traveling to Hong Kong for the third leg of the race, marking the first time the production  has traveled outside of Canada.

Overnight numbers from Bell Media say an average audience of 1.94 million Canadians watched the episode, with numbers peaking at 2.4 million when Jon Montgomery announced Toronto-based married couple Laura and Jackie had been eliminated from the race. Overall 3.3 million unique visitors watched the episode at least in part.

Final data from Numeris around this season’s premiere episode of The Amazing Race Canada shows a 36% surge in viewers from initial overnight numbers, with a total of 2.7 million people tuning in for the first episode of the new season on CTV. The first episode has seven airings in all, with repeat showings across CTV, CTV Two, TSN and TSN2, with 3.8 million people tuning into the show across those channels in all.

Image courtesy of Bell Media