NLogic launches new TV tool

Called Lens View, the analytics tool is the first of a series to be developed in-house at the company, following 18 months of research.

NLogic, the software and market research company formerly known as BBM Analytics, has rolled out Lens View, a new TV ratings analyzer.

The product is the first the company has built completely in-house, and follows 18 months of industry outreach to gauge the needs of media buyers in the market.

Lens View uses confirmed PPM weekly data from Numeris, allowing users to search by age, sex and qualitative demographics.

David Phillips, president and COO of NLogic, says the product is much more user friendly that past options, and allows for searches that take about 2.5 seconds, versus the four minutes old queries used to take.

NLogic’s mandate to begin operating more like a software company, and build in-house products was announced late last year, when the company was rebranded from BBM Analytics. Phillips says prior to the rebrand, NLogic primarily used products that were built outside of the organization and adapted for the Canadian market. Its new goals has the company operating more like a software builder.