Spotted! Cineplex goes for a virtual fright-fest

The media co has rolled out an Oculus Rift experience to promote Insidious 3.
movie virtual reality

Cineplex is targeting movie-goers who want a scare with their popcorn, launching a virtual reality promotion for eOne Film’s, Insidious 3.

The experience is live at five Interactive Media Zone’s across Canada this weekend, and allows cinema visitors to take a photo that puts themselves into a scene from the movie, or get an even closer look with an Oculus Rift headset experience.

Created with Secret Location, the Oculus Rift experience features Insidious 3 lead actress Stephanie Scott, who takes the participant through some of the same horrors as the characters experience in the film. Guides will be on hand to assist people with the Oculus portion of the activation.

Incorporating Oculus into the experience is a first for the company, says Mike Langdon, director of communications, Cineplex Entertainment. The company now has 45 Interactive Media Zones live across Canada. Insidious 3 hits theatres on June 5.