Dive deep into your Twitter case file now

The social media network has expanded its API tool's search capacity to include its entire archive.
GNIP twitter

Twitter has enhanced its suite of offerings to individuals and companies alike with two engagements that aim to drive more conversation on the site and give deeper access to the tweet archive.

Brands looking to learn from engagement on past campaigns or reactions to product launches will now be able to expand their access to review their entire Twitter archive. Up until now archive search API was limited to 30 days. With this announcement, Twitter’s Gnip Historical PowerTrack tool expands access to over nine years of public tweets (since the company launched).

Access to this history is seen as part of Twitter’s strategy to give marketers more understanding about their social campaigns. 

The expansion gives marketers access to both real-time and historical intel on the social platform to keep those insights in mind as they develop new social strategies. Access to social activity will also allow marketers to develop future campaigns around volumes of past engagement. The archive will also be useful for brands trying to resolve customer service queries by following the online conversation around that subject.

Twitter launched this product in beta with a select number of companies including Brandwatch, NetBase and SocialBro.

In other developments, the network also expanded its direct message capacity, which was limited – like its public tweets – to 140 characters. Messages sent through its private one-to-one messaging system now no longer face this limitation.