Rogers’ sports highlights

Sportsnet saw November growth, with Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE also up over last year.

Fuelled by a baseball-filled summer and fall, Sportsnet’s audiences are up 42% for the year to date. The sportscaster posted an average share of 5.3 and an average minute audience of 221,000 for the period between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, 2015.

Sportsnet’s November 2015 numbers were up 10% over the same month in 2014, posting an average minute audience of 177,000 for November.

Sportsnet has also posted record numbers online, with an increase of 104% in unique visitors and 112% in page views from Jan. 1 to Nov. 30 over the same period in 2014.

In November unique visitors to Sportsnet’s website jumped 17%, and total page views were up 75% over the same month in 2014. 

Page views to Sportsnet’s mobile app are up 134%, video starts are up 1907% and unique visitors are up 118% for the period between Jan. 1 and Nov. 30, compared with the same period in 2014.

Rogers also reported some of its hockey numbers for the season, noting the average audience tuning into Scotiabank Wednesday Night Hockey is 833,000 for the season-to-date, up 19% compared to last season.

In its new home on Sportsnet, Sunday night’s Hometown Hockey posted an average audience of 445,000 for November, up 41% compared with October.

Paid subscriptions for Rogers NHL GameCentre LIVE are up 122% for the season to date versus the same period last year, with total active users on the app up 25% compared with the entire 2014/15 season average. Average stream minutes on the app have increased 75% compared with last season.

In October, Rogers and Google teamed up to promote GameCentre LIVE, launching a campaign that served ads featuring goals that online users might have missed. Earlier this year, Anthony Attard, Sportsnet’s VP of sports and NHL sales at Rogers Media, said that the media co will be adding dynamic ad insertion to the app before the end of this hockey season.