Faster load times, programmatic buying coming to DoubleClick ads

Google is amping up its involvement in the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and making it easier to buy native ads through its ad network.

Faster loading times for mobile ads and new options for native ad buys were both introduced this morning by Paul Muret, VP of display, video ads and analytics at Google, during the DoubleClick Leadership Summit at the Park Hyatt in Carlsbad, CA.

First among the announcements was an expansion of the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP), a global open source initiative that went live late last year with the aim of lowering load times of mobile sites. According to Muret, early analysis shows that mobile websites that use AMP HTML load an average of four times faster and use ten times less data than non-AMP mobile websites.

DoubleClick is now expanding that initiative to include mobile ads, with the launch of AMP for Ads. The tool will allow advertisers to build ads using AMP HTML, so that both the publisher’s content and the advertising creative load at the same time. Muret also announced the launch of AMP Landing Pages, which continue the AMP loading time when someone clicks through an ad using AMP HTML.

Also unveiled at this morning’s conference were updates to native ads across DoubleClick’s platforms, adding the ability to buy the ads programmatically through the DoubleClick Bid Manager across screens. Rather than sending through the complete creative, advertisers can upload the components of the ad (headline, image, text, etc.), and DoubleClick assembles them to fit the context and format of the site where they’re appearing.

Google is also now offering a complete native ad solution within DoubleClick, with publishers now able to make native ad inventory available across the web and apps programmatically or through traditional direct sales.



Image: Shutterstock