Lady Speed Stick taps influencers for new campaign

The three-stage campaign will involve a number of female celebs from fashion designers and hockey stars to Instagram chefs.

For its new “Unstoppable” campaign, Lady Speed Stick has mixed up its spend — in terms of both the influencers in the spots and the media its using to reach its target audience.

The campaign, targeted at women ages 18 to 34, is being deployed in three major phases: one (currently in market) featuring three more traditional celebrities on broadcast and pre-roll ads (singer Lights, hockey player Natalie Spooner and sustainable fashion designer Alyssa Lau), the second featuring rising Canadian influencers and social media stars broadcasting the “unstoppable” message on their online platforms. The third will be a video highlight reel of everyday social media users and their response to the campaign, to be distributed digitally in the new year.

For Lady Speed Stick, it’s not only the first time it’s conducted an influencer-driven campaign in Canada, it’s the first time it’s created a campaign that’s so deeply invested in digital-native content (although it has previously distributed campaign material on digital platforms before). Media for the campaign was from MEC with creative from Jones Media.

Sarah Bobas, VP of content and creative strategy for Jones Media, said the company aimed to get the attention of a diverse group of women within the 18 to 34 demographic through the various influencers it tapped.

“Lights is an example of someone who might be a role model for a woman who’s always wanted to be a bad-ass rock star, but she’s also a mother, and that’s conveyed in her messaging,” said Bobas. On the other hand, she said, Spooner would appeal to a more ambitious, sports-loving crowd and young women who identify as tomboys, while Lau taps into not only fashion-lovers but those who are interested in sustainability.

The second stage of the campaign is set to go to market within the next week and will be promoted through boosted social posts for about one month. Spokeswomen for that phase include dietician and food blogger Abbey Sharp (24,700 followers on Instagram), Olympian Larisa Yurkil (9,000 followers on Instagram) and YouTuber Daniela M. Biah  (294,000 YouTube subscribers) and 22 others.

Pictured: Lights