Millennials boast strong OOH ad recall: study

While OMAC's survey found that more than one-third of Canadians block ads online, most of those shoppers still reported paying attention to outdoor ads.

You can’t block an OOH ad, and you can’t skip past it on a PVR — and according to the Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada (OMAC)’s latest Canadian Shopper Habits survey, that has real payoff. Most shoppers age 18 to 64 (78%) reported paying attention to OOH advertising “sometimes” or “all the time.” That number has remained the same since last year and didn’t drop for millennials (75%) or heavy social media users (78%).

The online survey took opinions from more than 20,000 Canadian consumers age 18+ who engage in household shopping, and was conducted by BrandSpark throughout January and February of 2017. The data was released in July 2017.

Only 4% of users said they didn’t notice the OOH advertising.

The fact that such a high number of shoppers pay attention to outdoor advertising should be especially comforting considering that more than one third of survey respondents (36%) reported using ad-blocking software on desktop or mobile (the number jumps to 48% for people age 18 to 34). Of people who actually employ ad blockers, 74% still said they paid attention to OOH ads.

The survey argues that Canadian shopping habits heed opportunities for OOH media to influence the path to purchase — 40% of respondents agreed with the statement that they purchase items they hadn’t planned to buy when shopping (a number which has also held strong from the year before).

The survey also looked at Canadians’ mindsets while shopping. The most popular states shoppers used to describe themselves were “active” (45%), “alert” (44%) and “interested” (43%). Fewer described themselves as “relaxed” (38%) and “calm” (37%), and just 6% described themselves as “sleepy.”

Those who describe themselves as “active” and “alert” had a high of OOH ad recall, with 69% recalling outdoor ads from the past week.