Pinterest adds new ‘on the go’ ads

The social network is continuing its efforts to gain clout with Canadian SMBs through self-serve tools.

Social network Pinterest has launched a new suite of products known as Mobile Ad Tools, which it’s marketing as a way for brands to launch campaigns ‘on the go.’

Mobile Ad Tools is available for marketers directly on mobile devices. It’s an extension of the self-serve tools Pinterest launched last year, targeting small and medium-sized businesses, but can now be done purely on mobile. Marketers can not only create their campaigns but also adjust budgets and targeting, pause ads and campaigns, edit URL destinations and organize metrics such as ad spend, campaign duration, impressions, clicks, click-through rates and saves. The feature was previously available in the U.S. and has now begun its global roll-out, including in Canada.

The social network has also launched new Pin creation tools to allow advertisers to create Pins in multiple formats (including video, carousel and standard Pins) in fewer steps.

Pinterest launched its Canadian outpost last year and has been closely watched by many in the media industry as a sleeping giant. While most agree that it will likely never have the reach or ad clout of Facebook, buyers have stated that it’s a key player in terms of visual discovery, brand-building and, with the recent addition of new tools, more lower-funnel engagement.

In Canada, emerging brands using Pinterest include Vancouver-based Vessi Footwear, which used Pinterest’s conversion optimization tools and reached a return on investment of 300% in three months (and tripled its Pinterest budget to $30,000 per month from $10,000 subsequently). Also seeing big ROI is royalty-free stock media site Stocksy, which sees 73% of its social traffic from organic Pinterest posts, and 50% of its revenue from social media referrals come from Pinterest. Stocksy says it has yielded a 751.15% ROI.