Lotto Max replaces Tims at the top: Media Monitors

Most of last week's top-five buyers purchased fewer spots on the air.

The top of the radio buying charts in Toronto and Montreal look a little different this week.

The latest Media Monitors report, which covers the week ending March 15, shows that last week’s top buyers pulled back somewhat on their radio buys. Notably, the top five biggest radio buyers in Toronto purchased fewer spots. The top buyer, Lotto Max, purchased 781 spots. Although Lotto Max moved up the charts to the #1 spot, it actually purchased more units the previous week (814), when it was the third biggest buyer.

The second largest buyer, with 745 ad spots purchased, was the Toyota Dealer Association, which was in fact new to the charts and had not placed ads the week before. Planet Fitness came in third at 730 spots. Speedy Glass and Tim Hortons rounded out the top five, with Tims effectively halving its buy from last week.

Overall, QSRs and fast casual restaurants decreased buying. This week, the category’s Toronto total came to 2,130, down from nearly 3,000. The top category was banks, unions, credit unions and mortgage services at 2,481.

Things stayed slightly more stable in Montreal. CTV, which has spent the better part of the year at the top of the buying charts, stayed at #1 with a buy of 441, nearly identical to the week before. The Toyota Dealer Association and Nissan also joined the ranks of radio buyers, coming in second and third respectively.

Fido Solutions took fourth, moving down only one spot from the previous week but shedding its ad buy by more than 35% (249 down from 384). Tim Hortons rounded out the top five and, in a similar move to the Toronto market, purchased just over half of the spots it had bought the previous week.

The television and cable TV category ramped down its spending, going from the previous week’s top finisher to the fifth-most prolific buying category (with 106 fewer spots purchased than the previous week). The top-buying category was car and truck dealer associations, with 868 total spots.

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