Auto advertising propels the radio market: Media Monitors

Governments also upped their radio spend as part of their COVID-19 awareness efforts.

The top brands for radio buying in Toronto are still posting fairly consistent numbers even as daily life across the country changes.

The latest Media Monitors report, which covers the week ending March 22, shows that this week’s top buyer, the Nissan Dealers Association, purchased 959 spots for the week — which is well in line with the typical total from the top radio buyers in the city.

That was followed by 780 spots from the Government of Ontario, part of a massive advertising program it announced in order to communicate up-to-date information on the developing COVID-19 pandemic.

The Toyota Dealership was close behind with 759 spots. The top five was filled out by last week’s top-finisher Lotto Max, and Telus Health.

Collectively, car and truck dealer associations purchased 2,793 spots for the week, making it the most prolific category in the market.

In Montreal, it was McDonalds that took the lead spot, with 394 spots purchased. CTV, last week’s top finisher, was just behind at 387.

The Quebec Government was also a big spender, with 338 radio ads purchased. The top five was rounded out by Nissan and GMC Terrain.

Car and truck dealer associations were also the top buying category in Montreal, with a total of 790 spots (down from 871 last week).

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