Lockdown #watchparties are keeping Canadians connected

Twitter Canada tracked big engagement during quarantine as viewership exploded around big-name properties

Watch the latest Heard Through Twitter to see just how big #watchparties have become, and how viewers are being encouraged to start their own.


Social distancing may have limited people?s ability to connect in person, but Twitter has found that its platform lies at the heart of a new way for Canadians to connect.

It surprised no one in the media industry that media consumption would climb as people spent more and more time indoors during quarantine. A GlobalWebIndex study showed double- and triple-digit percentage increases in time spent on just about every device people could get their hands on.

According to recent surveys, TV and streaming video have been obvious winners. The latest ThinkTV research puts the average Canadian?s daily television consumption at 4.2 hours, and Mindshare Canada reports that 70% of Canadians now access subscription services. But viewers have not been passive when soaking-in the latest shows.

According to Andrea MacDonald, head of tech and telco at Twitter Canada, Twitter has become an integral part of the viewing experience. The terms ?watchparty? and ?Netflixparty? have increased in use by more than 500% on Twitter in Canada. In the latest episode of Heard Through Twitter, Macdonald describes Twitter as a ?global living room,? where audiences are gathering to share their experiences with big-name shows.

Major film and television launches (such as the premier of the animated feature Scoob and the much-anticipated debut of the Broadway show Hamilton on Disney+) have been driving big social conversations. The phenomenon is so strong that some entertainment properties have embraced the trend by having their casts run their own #watchparties as part of their marketing strategy.

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