Many big radio buyers ease off in Toronto: Media Monitors

BMO topped the Toronto charts, but with only 866 ads in the market.

After weeks of the top radio advertisers buying upwards of 1,000 ads per week, the Media Monitors charts for the week ending Nov. 8 was notably much more tepid.

The top buyer, BMO, only purchased 866 ads for the week. Even though it rose five spots – last week it was the sixth-highest buyer – its ad count was only slightly higher than the week before, with 866 ads purchased (up from 830).

The top-five, which also consisted of the Government of Canada, 1-800-GOT-JUNK, Ford SUVs and Sleep Country Canada, all had between 709 and 845 ads, much lower than the top buyers last week.

The category charts show some macro-level recoveries – the finance category grew by nearly 50% to top the charts at 3,581 total ads, and there was modest growth among business and consumer services, public service, pharmacy and bedding. But there were also significant dips – government and unions dropped to 1,556 from 2,347, QSR was cut in half to 1,395 and auto dealer associations dropped to 992 from 2,127.

And Montreal showed a similar situation, even though the drops were slightly less drastic. The provincial government stayed on top with a single-digit reduction in their total ads, while Subway stayed in second place with a slight boost to its order. National Bank, Sephora and MasterCard, all of which were new radio buyers, rounded out the top-five.

There were mixed results from a category perspective; government and unions, department stores, public service, employee recruitment and cosmetics and skincare products all showed lifts, but only the cosmetics category showed a very significant increase (250 up from eight). Modest to moderate decreases were seen along finance, QSR, television and cable TV, business and consumer services, and bedding.

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