Podcasters and wireless carriers boost their buys: Media Monitors

Lotteries and QSRs topped the rankings Toronto, and online gaming made a move in Montreal.

Podcaster and wireless carrier categories increased their play counts significantly in the Toronto market last week, according to the latest data from Media Monitors.

Specifically, the podcast streaming and distribution category jumped by over 200% (going from 415 the week prior, to 1271 last week) in Toronto, with CBC Podcasts hitting the top 10 for play counts last week with 816. Wireless carriers also increased their play count by 138% (1645, up from 690) in the market, with accounts like Koodo logging a play count of 892.

The top plays, however, went to the lottery category (3473) once again, followed by business and consumer services (2530) and QSRs (2396), which swapped spots from the week before. OLG was once again the top individual advertiser, followed by the Government of Ontario and McDonald’s, which also swapped spots from the prior week.

The Government of Quebec maintained its top spot in the Montreal market, despite a categorical drop (Government ads went from 1104 spots the week prior, to 949 last week). Loto Quebec’s online gaming site, Mis-o-jeu, was in second with a radio play count of 401, followed by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation in third with 352.

Categorically, financial services moved up to the top spot from third place in the market, increasing its play count by over 40% (735 up to 1037). Echoing the increase in Toronto, Montreal’s wireless carrier category increased by over 250% (563 from 151), with the online gambling category growing its play count by over 300%, moving from 94 to 411.

Consumer electronics (401, up from 120 the week prior) and moving/storage company (233, from 39) categories also increased their play counts significantly in the Montreal market.

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