BMO takes the top spot in Toronto: Media Monitors

QSRs invested more in both markets, along with consumer electronics in Montreal, and domestic automakers in Toronto.

BMO clearly banked on radio exposure in the Toronto market last week, taking the top spot in the city from outside the rankings, according to the latest numbers from Media Monitors.

The rise in rankings was reflected at the category level, with financial institutions taking the top spot, followed by QSRs and insurance providers. The likes of Subway jumping into fourth from eighth at the account level, while Desjardins moved up one spot from fourth to third, just behind Goodfood.

In Montreal, the government maintained its lead both categorically and at the account level. Rogers maintained its second place ranking in the radio market, and similar to its jump in Toronto, Subway moved up from seventh to third, followed by Goodfood in fourth.

Categorically, public service and organizational advertising increased their spots by 75% in Montreal, and the consumer electronics category jumped by 87%, which saw Corbeil land in seventh, and theĀ EPRA Electronic Products Recycling Association in eight, both from outside the rankings.

The only other outlier in Toronto seemed to be domestic automakers, which increased their radio spots by over 160%, and saw Ford moving into sixth from outside the rankings with a play count of of 717.

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