The Trade Desk launches new platform built around first-party data

Solimar aims to make it easier for clients to use first-party data when building and measuring digital ad campaigns.
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In an effort to make it easier for advertisers to use their increasingly valuable first-party data, The Trade Desk has launched its new trading platform, Solimar.

Designed in response to a rapidly evolving digital marketing environment, Solimar makes it easier for clients to upload first-party data data, while also making the process secure by leveraging advances in internet identity, such as Unified ID 2.0, which builds ID maps around an encrypted identifier that a user has to opt-in to provide.

At the same time, according to a statement earlier this week, other major first-party data owners, such as retailers and offsite measurement companies, are increasingly making their data available to advertisers in Solimar’s measurement marketplace, enabling advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns to actual consumer actions.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our clients – in Canada and globally – to use their first-party data to inform and build their digital campaigns,” Tina Barnes, GM, Canada, at The Trade Desk, tells MiC. “We’re now making it easier than ever to onboard that data and measure what matters to them across their digital campaigns, including premium TV content via CTV.”

The goal? “Traders can focus on their strategic priorities, and rely on Solimar to handle everything else,” Dave Pickles, Co-Founder and CTO, The Trade Desk, said in a statement. “That’s because by adding planning and decisioning into every aspect of the buying cycle, Solimar acts on information in real-time, ensuring all decisions are data-driven.”

The new platform was unveiled in a livestream event this past Wednesday.

On the same day, the adtech company also announced that it is opening a venture capital arm called TD7 to invest in tech innovation, calling out its initial investment in Chalice, a U.S.-based company pioneering new approaches to algorithmic ad buying. According to Barnes, TD7 will look at companies around the globe to invest in, so long as they fit within the principles of improving the open internet and digital advertising ecosystem.