Air Transat takes the top in Toronto: Media Monitors

The leisure airline also had a strong buy in Montreal.

As travellers begin considering flying for vacation again, Air Transat has begun a big radio boost, according to Media Monitors data for the week of May 9 to 15.

The leisure airline landed at the top of the list of radio advertisers in Toronto, well ahead of the rest of the pack. That pack mostly included brands that have had a regular presence in recent weeks, with Telus and Subway in second and third. PC Financial and Desjardins made jumps from lower on the list to fourth and fifth, while last week’s top advertiser, Simplii Financial, dropped to ninth.

Transat also had a heavy presence in Montreal, coming in third behind repeat number one Virgin Plus and the Government of Quebec, which re-took its familiar place near the top of the list in second. Subway and PC Financial maintained recent strong radio buys here as well, coming in fourth and fifth.

Categorically, QSRs were the most active radio advertisers in Toronto, followed by financial services and business service brands. In Montreal, Asian automakers were the most active, followed by wireless carriers and business services.

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