Havas adds a ‘safe haven’ for data collaboration to its planning platform

LiveRamp's privacy-focused tech will be integrated into the agency's Converged platform to help gain insights by combining data sources.
data privacy

Havas Media Group North America has partnered with safe data enablement platform LiveRamp to create an agency-level data collaboration solution on its Converged buying and planning platform.

The LiveRamp integration is specifically designed for Havas North America and its clients. Built for a cookieless future and increased focus on data privacy, Havas’ proprietary, global identity-based planning and buying platform aims to keep the audience and consumer behaviour at the center of the media process.

LiveRamp’s platform is meant to be a “safe haven” where data from multiple sources can be brought to create a single view of a customer. Similar to clean rooms, it is more focused on understanding consumer behaviour and gaining insights, rather than identifying duplicated spending. LiveRamp’s platform is also designed to be privacy-first, reducing data movement and including processes that mitigate the risk of re-identification.

Converged, first launched by Havas last year, is made up of a suite of connected tools that support Havas’ media mix system. The platform supports audience creation, data enrichment, insight generation, media activation, reporting, and measurement. It also enables the creation of addressable audience segments based on first-, second-, and third-party data and helps in generating audience insights. Additionally, it can integrate disparate data sources from clients’ homegrown tech stacks into a single, easy-to-use system to make the data available and accessible for media executions.

LiveRamp’s partnership with Havas Media Group North America is the first announced partnership with a media agency, having previously worked with brands like Danone. In addition to LiveRamp, Havas North America will be working with additional data providers to bring further depth and insights into Converged.