Top radio advertisers keep up their buys: Media Monitors

With a few exceptions, things looked very similar to last week in both Toronto and Montreal.

Numerous summer radio pushes are moving ahead strong, according to Media Monitors data for June 20 to 26.

In Toronto, The Home Depot and Toyota Dealer Association kept up strong radio buys from recent weeks, holding on to their number one and two spots, respectively. But they were followed by Desjardins Insurance and Hyundai, which began new radio pushes in third and fourth. The remainder of the top ten was made up of advertisers that shuffled around their spots from last week, with the exception of Panago Pizza, which jumped to fifth from 14th.

In Montreal, it was a similar story, with Bell, The Home Depot, Fido and McDonald’s keeping the top four spots, followed by Mazda, which began a new radio push in fifth.

Categorically, financial services, QSRs and automakers were the most active radio advertisers in Toronto. Automakers, insurance companies and wireless brands were the most active in Montreal.

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