Meta releases new retail-focused ad automation tool

Advantage+ shopping campaigns automates up to 150 creative combinations at once.

Meta is adding new tools to its Advantage suite of automated ad products meant to help advertisers drive growth and increase sales.

Advantage+ shopping campaigns use artificial intelligence to eliminate the manual steps of ad creation and automate up to 150 creative combinations at once using new machine learning models created for the product. It will roll out to ecommerce and retail advertisers on Aug. 15.

The new tool is meant to help advertisers learn more quickly which ads are working to improve their advertising budgeting. In a study conducted by Meta, Advantage+ shopping campaigns were found to drive 12% lower cost per purchase conversion compared to advertisers’ business as usual ads.

Before the end of the year, Meta will also offer businesses that have a checkout-enabled Shop the option to add their Shop as a destination for Advantage+ shopping campaigns.

Outside of the Advantage+ shopping campaigns, Meta has also updated Advantage+ Creative, which automatically adjusts and personalizes ad creative based on the user. Advertisers can now have multiple versions of an ad automatically created when an image or video is uploaded. For Advantage+ App Campaigns, it has added asset pairing, seven-day click attribution capabilities for campaigns with longer conversion windows, split testing capabilities and more granular reporting insights with region and ad-level reporting.

Meta is also giving small businesses access to Advantage+ Creative and the Advantage Audience custom audience product to create ads through their Facebook Page and evaluate which ads perform best.