How Kraft Heinz is leveraging digital for back-to-school

Programmatic ads and a social push are being used to promote a new platform for parents looking to save time and money.

Kraft Heinz has launched a digital media campaign to introduce Canadians to its new recipe and coupon platform.

The program is supported by a media investment in programmatic ads, as well as paid social ads on Instagram and TikTok deployed to drive interest and awareness. This portion of the campaign is expected to reach eight million high-value shoppers, amplified through an influencer campaign of “food hack” videos. In store, scanning QR codes at point of sale also reveals available coupons and food hacks.

Bradley Kowalski, AVP and group account director at Carat, Kraft Heinz’s media agency, says Canadians have been adapting to the many iterations of the new normal over the past few years, and their eating habits are no exception.

“The relationship with food and cooking has changed drastically over this period, ranging from executing some of the viral trends to ordering online delivery on a consistent basis,” he says. “As Canadians hope to get back to their routines after long moments of uncertainty, Kraft Heinz looked to showcase how pantry staples can be elevated in a simple, quick, and delicious way.”

He says Kraft Heinz is focused on driving a more meaningful connection across all their marketing and media, driven by the need to connect with consumers in their day-to-day lives, all while illustrating how Kraft Heinz products can elevate personal moments. Driven by insights around consumer behaviour and needs, Carat delivered a digital-focused plan that targeted key audiences such as home chefs and meal preppers, as well as other custom audiences built using Environics data.

To further drive connectivity and provide multiple touchpoints for users, online media is connected to a broader ecosystem with a microsite full of recipe hacks and tips.¬†Through the microsite¬†SaveWithShortcuts, parents can read about coupons, recipes and tips for saving time and money as they return to their work and school routines this fall. And with apps being familiar to Canadians, these symbols served as the design inspiration for the program’s social engagement icons that direct shoppers to relevant food hacks. The eye-catching iconography visually represent iconic Kraft Heinz brands, from ketchup to peanut butter to coffee to KD.

Integration between in-store and online user experience is helping to drive Kraft Heinz’s omnichannel aspirations and meets consumers needs for a connected and holistic shopping experience.

Kraft Heinz says 54% of people who use food hacks are looking to make their daily food-related tasks more efficient and can save more than four hours each week. Of those using the shortcuts site, 63% will change their food buying habits to offset rising food prices.

The creative agency is L’Atalier, the Kraft Heinz in-house agency.