Virgin Plus jumps back to the top: Media Monitors

Wireless carriers continue to maintain their strong summer radio buys in both Toronto and Montreal.

The battle of the flanker phone brands is continuing on the radio for yet another week, according to Media Monitors data for Aug. 22 to 28.

After a small decline in buys the previous week, Virgin Plus jumped to the top of the list of radio advertisers in Toronto, edging out Chatr Mobile by 26 spots. The top five was rounded out by the Toyota Dealer Association, Fido and Benjamin Moore, which all held on to their spots from the previous week.

Virgin Plus was also the top radio advertiser in Montreal, followed by parent company Bell, which began a new wireless-focused campaign of its own. The Government of Quebec amped up its radio buy again for third, pushing Chatr Mobile and Fido down to fourth and fifth, respectively.

Wireless carriers were the most active advertiser category in both cities, followed by automakers.

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