Twitter analysis reveals buzz-worthy brands

UK-based Chatterbox Analytics finds that Twitter users talk most about search engines, software and wine brands.

During a weekday in October, there were 330 million tweets posted to Twitter and in the 24 hour period, Google (358,100), Apple (288,500) and Moët & Chandon (244,600) were of the three most talked about brands.

We know this because UK-based research company, Chatterbox Analytics, collected a 1% sample of all tweets from one day (3.3 million) and tracked how many times Twitter users mentioned names from Interbrand’s “Best Global Brand’s 2011” list.

The data was accumulated and organized into two categories – the “Strict Count” comprised of the brand names as stated in the Interbrand list (for example, Hewlett-Packard and not hp) and the “Inclusive Count”, where variations of brand names were collected (for example, amex, tiffanyandco and vw).

Google received the most tweet buzz, recording a count of 358,100 mentions for the day. Other top talked about brands include Hewlett-Packard (225,300), Blackberry (165,700), (142,400) and MTV (141,600).

To see the full list of brands on the Twitter analysis, go to the cbanalytics page here.